One Year Recap

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Greg was lamenting the fact that he didn’t get very much done the first year he owned the Captain George Conrad Flavel Home. So we sat down and made a list of the things he has accomplished.

In no particular order, and probably missing several things:

  • Attic and basement cleaned out.
  • New cedar roof and stainless gutters
  • Porch roofs coated
  • Crown/cornice molding for frieze band board (exterior trim) ordered and installed
  • Restored chimneys
  • New water service
  • New electrical service
  • New furnace
  • New sewer connection
  • New front steps stair jacks in place, waiting for a few more projects to be finished before the steps are installed
  • New concrete poured for the sidewalk where underground utilities were put in.
  • Repaired and re-glazed windows
  • Front door, sidelight, and dining room leaded glass windows restored
  • Over a dozen front porch balusters milled out and installed.
  • Put up Christmas lights and a tree
  • Light fixtures are being restored
  • 2 Second story leaded glass window sash ordered, and leaded glass inserts being built
  • Living room sash ordered
  • 3 Attic diamond light sash ordered
  • Rough in wiring completed on second floor
  • Wiring to first floor lights in process, almost complete
  • Wooden floor cold air return ordered
  • Wood now in stock to repair front door, which should be repaired in next month or so
  • Paneling uncovered in 2nd floor bathroom and kitchen
  • Antique Claw foot tub acquired
  • Plumbing repair work to second floor bathroom and bedroom vanities to start soon
  • Repairs to exterior siding on west and south walls started
  • Lawn mowed
  • Sheetrock to be installed on second floor ceiling to replace water damaged plaster

On the negative side, the house has been broken into twice, with minor damage and some property loss.

Greg found a couple of people in the kitchen one day. They came in through the closed door just to take a look around. When told the house was private property, they replied “the steps looked safe, and we are tourists”. They were asked to leave.

An interesting afternoon was spent getting a transient and his property off the front porch.

And the almost everyday problem of people ignoring the Private Property and No Trespassing signs to walk up to and around the house. This is a safety and liability problem. Please do not go on the property without permission.

And when can you get permission? Perhaps as soon as August. The Clatsop County Historical Society will host a fundraising event at Greg’s Captain George Conrad Flavel home. More details and dates to be announced soon.